Bill Couey (director, Gift and Specialty Supplier), Vicki Geist (director, Christian Retail), and Heather Adams (director, Christian Retail) were re-elected to the CBA Board of Directors for terms ending Sept. 30, 2019.

Bill Couey

Heather Adams

Vicki Geist

Couey has been on the board since 2013, but he doesn’t think hiswork to improve the state of the industry is done yet.

“Tough challenges need consistent and knowledgeable

leadership. I think after three years, I’m just truly beginning to understand our situation more clearly,” he says.

During this coming term he hopes to get the association on an improved financial track. “We need new and alternative ways to gain revenue in order to serve our stores even better.”

Considering himself a “missionary to the marketplace,” Couey wants to use his business skills to have kingdom impact. “I love seeing beautiful products in Christian stores that have ministry value based on biblical truth,” he says.

Adams says what led her to run for the Board was a very deep love for this industry. “We have the power to impact people’s lives in very real, tangible ways. Since I am newer to the industry, I also thought that a fresh perspective might be welcomed.”

Looking to the future, Adams says, “I’m praying we will be able to lead our industry back to a place of hope and future-seeking. We all need to have a champion, a helper, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that’s what CBA is all about—helping the parts of our industry work together better. It’s our job to help navigate everyone toward what we can do and how to make a positive impact right where we are.”

Geist felt led to run for the board. “I know that this industry has gone through a lot of changes in the last few years because of changes in buying habits of our customers. It has been a struggle for all of us that own and run stores to make some hard decisions to make our stores relevant to our customers,” she says. “Our communities need local Christian bookstores to serve the local church and the people. I’ve been involved in our stores for 40 years now and hope that the things that I have experienced can be of help to CBA.”

“I’m thankful for these highly dedicated professionals who are willing to share their expertise on behalf of our industry. Bringing differing gifts and perspective, they give direction and oversight to CBA,” says CBA Board Chairman Sue Smith. “They also passionately believe in our continued mission—to supply vital connections, information, education, and encouragement to Christian product providers. Thank you Bill, Heather, and Vicki for your willingness to serve.”