A groundbreaking program aiming to breathe new life into Christian retailing got an enthusiastic reception when it was unveiled Sunday afternoon with a preview screening of the first offering in the initiative.

Attendees applauded the 80-minute docudrama The Samaritan, which recounts how attorney Eddie Roush helped reunite a Romanian defector and his family by securing their freedom from the Communist dictator state, in the 1980s.

The DVD comes exclusively to Christian stores in the fall, with wider distribution to follow some months later, and offers higher-than-usual margins and a tithe element—a free copy for every 10 ordered, and some of the proceeds from sales going to CBA. Other releases, including music and books, will follow along similar lines under the strategic alliance announced between CBA and Content Road Media Road Corporation.

“I believe it’s a spiritual calling,” Content Road partner and Samaritan director Kevin McAfee said of the partnership. “There are some things that don’t make sense to the world, but those of us who follow God, we follow something higher and if we can prove this model, think what this could do…”

Urging retailers to get behind the initiative, CBA President Curtis Riskey said: “This is something I think this industry has needed for so long. One of the things is, when we are given an opportunity we do have to step forward into that opportunity.”

Those who said they would included Wayne and Glenna Rawls, who have owned Solomon’s Porch Christian Books & Gifts in Benton, Kentucky for 17 years. “I think the program will be something that can bring life back into Christian retailing,” he said. “Fresh thinking is important in our industry, always looking for new ideas and new content. I am looking forward to seeing the industry working together.”

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