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Should you surcharge pay-card costs?

Merchant surcharging or payment-card checkout fees are legal in most states, but should you add card fees to your transactions? Vizant, an advocate for businesses that process payment cards, says

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Black Friday sales report clarified

Last week Retailers + Resources Weekly reported Black Friday sales per store were down significantly, but didn’t report sales as reported were at suggested retail price both this year and last

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CPH title Book Club award finalist

Concordia Publishing House (CPH) Christian living title, We’re Not Blended, We’re Pureed was nominated as Nonfiction Book of the Year in The Book Club Network, Inc.’s annual poll. Finalists

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Dobson sues over Obamacare

Dr. James Dobson and his “Family Talk” radio show and ministry filed a federal lawsuit against the Obama Administration’s Affordable Health Care Act challenging the legality and constitutionality

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