CBA Members

Attend workshops and the rights-and-licensing sessions for free. The banquet is optional for both members and nonmembers.

If you are a CBA member, but will not attend the banquet: click here for free registration.

If you are a CBA member and will attend the banquet, complete the registration below.

CBA Nonmembers (& Members attending the Banquet)

Click selections at bottom of registration form.

Optional MarketSquare Banquet (includes two beverages per person)
Non-member: €25
CBA member: €25

Combination MarketSquare Banquet and Daily Sessions
Non-member: €40
CBA member: FREE

Wednesday training and Thursday-Friday rights and licensing sessions
Non-member: €20
CBA member: FREE

CBA international membership
€90 annually. Join CBA today and receive free registration to this event plus other membership benefits. Join here.

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