Contract Negotiation, Terms, and Compliance

An overview of the contract process to license a work, this session presents helpful tools for negotiations, understanding key standard industry clauses, and compliance implementation. Watch for a January survey to tell what you want to learn from this session.

Presented by: Cindy Riggins, CEO, Riggins International
9:15-10:30 a.m.

Cindy Riggins has more than 20 years international-rights management experience.  She served 10 years as International Rights Director at Thomas Nelson before opening Riggins International in 2003 to help other companies manage their rights programs. Active with the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association as one of the founders of IRMA (International Rights Management Association), she served on its steering committee several years and co-authored the original ECPA International Rights Guide.  She also is a former Global Publishers Alliance board member.

40 Years of Publishing Mistakes!!!

Learn from specific examples of publishing failure and success and what to do about it, especially as it relates to choosing titles, presenting product, and pricing it.

Presented by: William and Carine Mackenzie, Christian Focus Publications
10:45 a.m.-noon

William and Carine Mackenzie have worked together as husband and wife to bring glory to God by pointing readers to the excellencies of the Gospel through Christian literature. Carine is a prolific author with a talent to retell Bible stories so children can discover Jesus Christ themselves. William leads the company that has more than 1,900 titles in print under imprints for pastors, students, adults, and children. Based in Scotland, the publisher’s titles have been translated into 75 languages around the world. Still active in family farming, William has been a ruling elder for 35 years and regularly preaches in congregations large and small.

Seek & Find: Marketing for Christian Publishers

Connecting with readers has become more challenging as consumer expectations, technology, purchasing behavior, economics, and the need for relevant messaging have changed marketing forever. This session offers insights from a leading Christian publisher on what’s working.

Presented by: James F. Elwell, Director of International Publishing, Tyndale House Publishers
1:15-2:30 p.m.

James F. Elwell, Director of International Publishing at Tyndale House Publishers, has 32 years experience in Christian publishing, serving in marketing, sales management, domestic and foreign-rights sales, export sales, and publishing management.  He graduated from Moody Bible Institute with pastoral training and holds a Wheaton College Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. His wife, Ellen, is an active supporter of his international work and also has authored more than a dozen Christian books published by leading U.S. Christian publishers.

Developing Your Publishing Market: The Journey of Harmat Publishing

Learn important lessons about the struggles and joy building a successful publishing company from the company’s leader, who went from Bible smuggling to book ministry driven by a passion to help people in their relationships with God, with other people, and themselves.

Presented by: Dr. Kornel Herjeczki, President, Harmat Kiado
2:45-4 p.m

Dr. Kornel Herjeczki grew up during Eastern Europe’s socialist-Communist era. As the son of a Baptist Pastor, his first acquaintance with Christian books was unloading smuggled Bibles and Christian books from unexpected vans arriving at his family’s remote village garage. Years later when, apart from the weight, the content of these books also became important for him, Kornel felt God’s calling to serve Him through serving people.

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