Thank you for participating in UNITE 2017!

Exhibitors have three display options this year: 

  • Booths – 10-x10-foot increments in the main exhibit hall; combine booths for larger inline configurations. Previously merged booths will not be separated.
  • Tabletop Spaces – 6-foot tables outside the exhibit hall in the main walkway are great for small displays, large impact.

Reserve your booths or tabletop space

  • Showcase Suites – Host rooms near registration perfect for special events, meetings, relationship building, and sales. Special food and beverage allowances.
Reserve a Showcase Suite


Please note:

  • 30% deposit required on all booth purchases via credit card. 
  • No booth holds permitted.
  • For tabletop spaces, select a specific table in the link above. CBA assigns tables first-come first-served in numerical order. *

Booth Pricing:

 10’x10′ inline 


 10’x10′ MarketSquare


 10’x10′ premium


 10’x20′ MarketSquare


 10’x20′ inline


 10’x30′ MarketSquare


 10’x20′ peninsula premium


 10’x40′ MarketSquare


 10’x30′ inline


  6′ Tabletop


 10’x40′ inline




 20’x20′ peninsula premium




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* Please note that to reserve a booth or tabletop using the above link, you must be a previous registered exhibitor at a CBA convention. If you are a new exhibitor to CBA, please contact Tammy Horvath at (719) 272-3502 or

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