Retail stores competing today for consumer attention and loyalty need a new playbook with proven principles that connect with customers and make stores stand out. Professional Store Management Boot Camp participants receive retail training course materials and intense instruction on how to apply principles learned. Course content includes:

Managing with Purpose
Starting with a definition of successful store management, Boot Camp takes participants through the fundamentals of running a prosperous 21st century retail store, including unparalleled training, accountability, and manager responsibilities that lay the foundation for a sustainable store.

Winning the Sales-versus-Operations Tug-of-War
A service culture begins with a healthy balance between operations and sales. Therefore, strong communication, discipline, and standards will help differentiate Christian retail stores from the competition. Policies and procedures help ensure a profitable business, while sales goals and metrics drive performance that translates to sales.

Keeping ‘Em Coming Back
A compelling customer experience that keeps people coming back to the store time-and-time again is the ultimate goal. Store managers equipped with the skills to apply effective coaching and discipline techniques are able to build a motivated team that creates environments customers are drawn to.

Finding the Loyal Few
The adage, “Good people are hard to find” isn’t always true. Applying the right recruiting and retail training strategies make all the difference in attracting staff who are a good fit for the store and then giving them good reasons to stay.

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Unlike retail training that simply provides information, Boot Camp demonstrates how to use the tools introduced to create high-performing stores.

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