In an unprecedented event, more than 700 dignitaries, politicians, and celebrities gather Thursday to celebrate the 95th birthday of Christian evangelist, Billy Graham.  The significance of that alone is a powerful testament to Graham’s life work as politicians as diverse as former President Bill Clinton and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, real estate magnate Donald Trump, and popular Christian artists such as Michael W. Smith have found something in common – love, admiration and respect for a man who has been passionately and effectively preaching the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for decades.  Dr. Graham has helped change the course of human events by changing hearts and delivering a message of hope and salvation.

As part of his birthday event tonight, in what may be his final message to the nation, Dr. Graham addresses issues of ungodliness and moral decline. He extends the message of salvation found through repentance and the power of the Cross through a special broadcast event called The Cross. Broadcast on TV and online, it also is available on DVD.  This message is part of the My Hope America outreach, in which many CBA retailers are currently participating.

Watch this powerful video, and encourage your customers to do the same.  This resource provides additional tools to help promote the My Hope America campaign and outreach materials.

Retailers might stream the video as part of a store campaign display, or print and display the letter written by Dr. Graham, asking friends to “pray with me today for this outreach and for the people of America who need Christ…” A special tribute compilation CD includes original compositions by Michael W. Smith, Matthew West, The Newsboys, and others to introduce Christian music fans to My Hope America and inspire them to get involved.

Add your voice to the other VIPs who are gathering to express their appreciation for the life and works of such a stalwart warrior of the faith by continuing to take Billy Graham’s message and encouragement into your community through the My Hope America outreach.

Tell us about your experience with the My Hope America campaign.   Please share your story and pass on some ideas and insights to fellow retailers. E-mail