‘Tis the season for holiday sales and criminals who prey on both shoppers and online retail stores. If your store does business online or takes email orders, heed these warning signs of fraudulent orders, according to CBA Business Development Manager, Tammy Horvath:

  • Orders requesting pick-up from your store/warehouse by a private freight company: This allows no direct contact to the buyer himself and often is an address to a “partner in crime.”
  • “Place orders with my credit card”: These credit cards will appear to be “approved;” however, in three to five days the retailer will receive notice that the card is declined and payment will not be made. As a normal practice, any retailer accepting a credit card from a customer overseas should never ship the product until 10-12 business days after the transaction has been approved, thereby assuring payment has been completely received. Ninety-nine percent of these emails are fraudulent.
  • “Hello,” with no direct contact or store name: The email is a blanket email and the person sending it is just looking for those who will fall for the scam.
  • “Get back to me at :rockshopltd@gmail.com”: These emails may contain a virus or give a criminal access to your computer.