Here’s how to be part of a new movement, to be one stone that starts a landslide:

  • Be a CBA member
  • Make a commitment to sell product
  • Move the needle to prove the Christian-store network’s selling power.

These specially edited products won’t be at Amazon or Walmart!

First products in a series designed to grow Christian stores…

Plus high margin & 1 for 10

The first offering gives your loyal fans and new customers a high-quality premium featuring the CCM United We Will Stand CD, DVD, and the hardcover first-edition book celebrating 40 years of Contemporary Christian Music that changed the world… And supports ministry through this Christian-store special edition.

Plus, you get one free for every 10 purchased as our symbolic tithe.

Easy upsell

Highly recognized top artists—Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Newsboys, and many more—plus quality content for only $5 retail makes it affordable for giving the perfect gift and for personal purchase.

CD: 7 07129 95001 7
DVD: 7 07129 95002 4
Book: 978 1890 236458
(See terms at ordering: small handling charge, free POP display)

Just Added

Great Customer Bonus!

One-year Free Telehealth

To boost impulse buying and build an incredible offer, your customer families get a free one-year subscription to WellVia, valued at $99, courtesy of Content Road Media. They receive 24/7 365-day nationwide access to telehealth consultations with WellVia’s Board Certified Physicians who diagnose, recommend treatment, and clinically prescribe medication when necessary for non-emergency care.

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