Kregel author William R. “Bill” Cutrer passed away on Saturday, Jul. 13, 2013, during a bike ride. He was 62.

Cutrer touched thousands of lives through his medical practice, his seminary teaching, and through his diversified writing career. As a medical professional, he teamed with coauthor Sandra Glahn to help married couples discover intimacy as God intended for it to be in Sexual Intimacy in Marriage, now in its third edition with almost 150,000 copies in print.

Cutrer also worked with Glahn to create the riveting CBA bestseller Lethal Harvest, which explored the early promise, and peril, of genetic manipulation. As a seminary professor, he reached out to aspiring pastors, helping them learn the practical skills of shepherding God’s people with The Church Leader’s Handbook: A Guide to Counseling Families and Individuals in Crisis.

“Bill was one of the most genuine people I have ever had the privilege to work with,” recalls Kregel Publisher Dennis Hillman. “He was intelligent, insightful, caring, and always striving to focus on things that made a difference. His love for God and God’s people was unmistakable in everyday life.”