Some publishers report continued steady growth despite the global slowdown in book sales. Among them is St. Paul’s, founded in 1950, which has in part kept its upward trend by cutting its annual list of new titles in half, to about 50. Reprints continue at more than 200 a year.

A school book division has been a growth area, while a secular imprint, Better Yourself Books—general market titles in relationships, health and wellness, and business— has also been successful. “What has worked for us is highly focused marketing,” says St. Paul’s General Editor, Joby Mathew.

Many of St. Paul’s sales are through its 13 self-owned bookstores across the country, with titles also being distributed through other stores and church book tables. “There are also considerable amount of online orders through our website,” says Mathew.

Book clubs through which members can get big discounts on titles have been an effective distribution channel for Sathyam Ministries in Thiruvalla, Kerala, where founder C.V. Vadavana is also chairman of CBA India. Other main sales avenues are seminaruies, bookstores, churches, and by mail.

At Theological Publications in India (TPI), company President Joseph Pathrapankal says, “We are getting bulk orders practically every day from almost all parts of India.” Mail sales are important to Horizons Printers and Publishers in New Delhi, where Vishwas Nath says he also sends bulks orders to neighboring Nepal.

—Andy Butcher

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