Shannon Clark is a mom on a mission—to show kids how much they are loved and can make a difference in the world. And it all started with a simple question.

“After Christmas one year, my five-year-old son asked, ‘Why are you putting Jesus in a box?’ After I explained that we would get the decorations back out next year, he then asked, ‘Can I keep Jesus in my room?’” Clark explains.

Her son placed the Nativity scene on his bookcase, where it remains today, but his question inspired Clark to write Angel Pals, a children’s book that shows God’s love through His guardian angels. Each book comes packaged with an 8-in. plush angel made from 100 percent cotton. The angels are handcrafted with patterned wings and a certificate that allows the child to choose a name and arrival date for the Angel Pal.

“I wanted to create something for all children that would serve as a symbol of God’s love and presence in their life,” she says. “After writing the first book, I asked several of my friends and family for feedback. Their encouragement gave me the strength to start this new adventure. God clearly had a plan for me that I had never imagined, yet, I was ready and excited to follow His lead.”

Clark launched her new business, Angels Above. Because she believes in modeling how one person can make a difference, Clark’s company donates to Feeding America and Story Changers, a local nonprofit organization working in Ethiopia, for every product purchased.

“I’ve already started the next two books in the series, which will be about the Angel Pals delivering messages of kindness and generosity. With each book, I hope to partner with a charitable organization to create a fun action for the kids,” she explains.