New Film Commissioner Expresses
Thanks and Hope for Christian Movies

It is an amazing honor to be selected by the President of CBA as the CBA Film Commissioner.  When you dream of new beginnings and have invested your life in films, music, books, and education, and then can give back to an industry I have loved, there is only one response, “To God be the glory for the great things He has done.”

First, I personally thank Curtis Riskey for his vision and determination to focus CBA’s attention on the industry I that have served for more than 40 years.  Second, thank you to the leadership provided by CBA Board Chair Sue Smith, the CBA Board of Directors, and the excellent CBA team. I would also like to thank past board members and retailers whom we have had the honor to serve since the late 1980s, and is the reason why we are here today.

Having experienced retailing with major retailers who have supported films, we truly see how important Christian retail is to the entire process of marketing and sales for future

Kevin McAfee directs cameraman for recent faith and freedom film.

filmmakers.  Since we began our film journey prior to the success of 2004’s Passion of the Christ, a wave of faith-based films began and today is involving many people who have championed films of faith.  Christian filmmaking has definitely grown.  In 2016, more than two dozen films of faith released, compared to the one film we launched in 2002.

We are seeing Christian- and general-market film-company executives see the wisdom of promoting to the outlets in our industry, and we are thankful.

In the future, we must partner to do a better job helping box office promotions for premieres and working directly with CBA outlets for mutual benefit.  We must provide “forums for learning” at CBA conventions.  Additionally, we must go to film capitols and creative hubs like Los Angeles, New York City, Nashville, and other developing film communities. We need to connect retailers with theater chains and independent theaters to develop promotional solutions and growth opportunities.  Industry groups and associations must cooperate more aggressively to build solutions. This is going to take everyone¹s support.

With this new commission, I plan to reach out to people both inside and outside the industry for one purpose, to help bring to the forefront our common mission and purpose around Christian moviemaking.

We all have seen so many weak faith based films that compromised excellence and only used Christianity as a selling point.  Those days are over thanks to the filmmakers who are changing this tradition, accepting the advice of The Dove Foundation, of The MovieGuide, and great actors and directors in the industry who champion the cause of Christ.

We are on the brink of a new faith-based network of people who are driven by excellence.  With expanding film communities in Georgia, Texas, the Carolinas, Tennessee and other wonderful parts of the “entertainment nation,” the old days of poor professionalism are gone as amazing filmmakers enter the market today.  The Film Commission will work to ensure film studios, film community leaders, business leaders, and forward-thinking and cinematic-based churches will hear our voice.

Just wait and see how the communications world changes in the next eight years.  I could not be any more excited to jump on this horse and ride into the wild blue yonder with CBA. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen.  Stay tuned for films of family, films of love, and films of real hope.

Dr. Kevin McAfee

Golden Rule Association
2020 Fieldstone Parkway Suite 900-315
Franklin, Tennessee 37069