Numbers don’t always tell the whole story…but they can give us important insight. Here’s a few important numbers. Numbers that speak volumes for what’s happening in our industry — 3, 1 and 30.

3 – Unite 2018 is just 3 weeks away! There’s still time to register and be a part of this extraordinary event. Register Now @

1 – A One Million dollar gift has been given to CBA Retailer Members in reimbursements and tools by Edward Roush, Chairman of the Roush Foundation. CBA Retailer Members will receive one thousand dollars in reimbursements* for their hotel and food expenses at UNITE 2018 (*conditions listed @ and CBA Members will receive access to customized data and online marketing tools to help target their audience and generate sales. Social media material will be sent to members as downloadable links, including customized commercials and branding videos.

30 – Registration for UNITE 2018 is already 30 percent higher than last year. And most of those attending are buyers. For an industry that’s been defined by bankruptcies and store closures in recent years, an increase in registration is a powerful reminder that change is happening. We’re excited to see you at UNITE 2018!