MarketSquare Encourages Those on the Front Lines in Eastern Europe

Christian product providers receive training and access to rights.

Most Christian product providers in Europe and around the world don’t need to be convinced of the value of Christian literature. In fact, the very high importance they place on it is what motivates their work and in many cases, the direction of their entire lives. Because of their commitment to their shared global mission, more than 60 Christian product providers gathered for CBA’s 2017 MarketSquare event in Budapest, Hungary, held 8-10 March.

Many international publishers purchase rights to translate titles from other countries, and they often don’t have ample opportunities to meet with sales representatives in more Western locations. MarketSquare was held in Budapest to provide a convenient and affordable option for these publishers.


Attendees like Lavinia Sanda Filipas, Nadiyka Gerbish, and Timeia Tabita Pop benefit from training and time to encourage one another.

Alexander Erdelyi of CreativPress in Slovakia appreciated MarketSquare because it was family size and made him feel part of a team. He enjoyed being in the same boat with other international publishers and not being lost in larger, less personal events.

Erdelyi adds that MarketSquare is important for what he calls “title fishing,” getting an overview of the U.S. and global trends and titles. He also takes the opportunity to look at the books’ design. He says that the in-person meetings with representatives of leading Christian publishing houses are absolutely needed for maintaining continual relationships with them, and while business meetings at larger, global events may be rushed, MarketSquare in Europe offers the opportunity to have more time with partners.


Many attendees noted that a very beneficial aspect this year was the day of training prior to the sales meetings. International publishing leaders conducted four relevant workshops that offered in-depth knowledge of the international publishing industry as well as best practices from European providers. James Elwell (Tyndale House Publishers) focused on crucial marketing efforts. Cindy Riggins (Riggins International Rights Services) shared helpful knowledge of rights and licensing. William and Carine Mackenzie (Christian Focus Publications) shared stories of decades of publishing from Scotland. Dr. Kornel Herjeczki (Harmat Kiado) shared his journey as a local provider in Budapest.

Chuck Steinert, CBA director of operations, noted that it was very good to spend time with and hear the personal stories of publishers from so many countries who are on the frontlines providing Christian products.

“I’m very grateful that CBA can offer the opportunity for these Christian product providers to receive relevant and adaptable training, encourage each other, and have opportunities to buy rights for literature,” he says.

The event was very well received, and the training day and higher number of publishers present compared to years past were seen as especially valuable by the attendees.

“It was a delight and privilege for CLC to participate with CBA in the organization of MarketSquare Budapest and then participate in every aspect of the event,” says Gary Chamberlin, CLC European director. “I look forward to participating again with most, if not all, of our CLC countries in 2018.”

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